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Terra not so 'Terrafic'/"Idols SA" vote for final 2 is on

Noma and terra cox outOne of this year’s favourite on “Idols SA” proved to be not so ‘Terrafic’ after all, and missed out on a spot in the last three outing this coming Sunday, 20th November.

This happened as Terra Cox (pictured right) got the least votes of the over 10 million cast last week after the Top 4 left for New York and was booted out of the show. His exit sees him also miss out on the Top 3 spot from the over 10million votes cast last week, and a chance to be announced as the final two on Sunday, 20th November. Add to that that R1.2 million first prize that is now some two weeks away.

The singer who was leading the pack during the first few spectacular dates says “Nothing went wrong” that saw him lose his perceived lea. “I think the other kids just grew,” he says about the rise of the others, whom he admits “raised their game” in the contest. “The singer says he is not heartbroken to about being kicked out of the show. “I am just bruised. I am bruised, I never break. From here on I am gonna push myself. I am a bit tired, just need to rest for week and then I start working on my music.”

Before finishing asking who will win this year, terra jumps in and says “Noma” (left). “You don’t even have to finish the question,” he says wryly. “She is young and still growing. She has that X factor. She is winning this,” he predicted.

That’s interesting considering that the ladies started on the back end when the Top 10 was announced. In fact, Noma (voting number 02) had performed the Babyface/Toni Braxton duet “Hurt you” at the start of the show before the results were announced.

Tebogo (09) and Thami (08) opened the show with a duet of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down” by George Michael feat Elton John. This week the Top 3 performed twice more, and their spirited acts showed how much they were fighting to get to the finish line that has been described as the biggest and “most important votes this year”.

Tebogo led with “Lengoma” by Zahara, followed by Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” on piano. The judges were bowled over. “Your range is extraordinary,” declared Gareth. Somizi proclaimed: “You have done your best and your best is good enough.” Unathi followed with “You are making all the right decisions at the right time. First we said you are the only act who plays the guitar in the contest, and then now you are like oh!, I am the only one who plays the Piano” And Randall announced that “tonight you have made the right choices.”

Thami followed with an emotive “To Make You Feel My Love” by Adele and channelled his inner Motown funk with “Let’s Get It on” by Marvin Gaye. Somizi told him he deserves to be on that stage as part of the Top Three, while an impressed Gareth showered him with compliments and called Thami “an old soul”. Randall also added his accolades. “This is testimony to how hard you’ve worked and how much you want to be here.”

The last woman standing, Noma started off with Kelly Price’s “As We Lay” by Kelly Price and closed the show with Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”. While Randall and Gareth were underwhelmed by the first song, Unathi showered her with compliments. “You killed it! I’m proud of you, you are deserving to be here. Randall and Gareth did not like the first song.”

 With the race to the finale as tight as a drum, Randall reiterated that this is anyone’s game. It’s going to be a phenomenal finish! Tickets to the finale are now and sale and are expected to be snapped up in a flash.

To vote by SMS, you need to text the voting number of your favourite contestant or Idol to 37400. Each SMS vote costs R1.50, and you will be limited to 100 SMS votes per voting period.

To vote via WeChat, you will need to log on to the WeChat application on your mobile phone. Voting on WeChat is free, but do note that the data costs of your Internet Service Provider will apply.

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