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No honour amongst thieves as “Heist” returns

Heist pic 2016f rturnThe legendary Jerry Mofokeng (second left) leads an interesting cast that includes Solomon Twalo (far left), Warren Masemola (2nd left), Wright Ngubeni (3rd left), Mbali Ka Ngwenya (middle), and Sayitsheni Mdaki (far right) are back to pull off another Heist.

Of course this follows the dramatization of the “Heist” that was pulled off at Justin Bieber’s FNB concert some years earlier. The action drama series captured TV viewers’ interest with a money hungry gang of 6 pulling off the dramatic cash heist earlier this year.

In season one, gang leader, Talent (Jerry Mofokeng) and his counterpart Justice (Vincent Vilakazi) got fired from their jobs. They walked away with no pension and no dignity. Justice committed suicide. Talent formed a gang of five men and one sassy streetwise girl and they planned a heist. The gang consists of Mark the inside man (Sayitsheni Mdaki), Merci the con-artist (Mbali Ka Ngwenya) , Flash the get-away driver (Solomon Twalo), Cosatu the bomb specialist (Warren Masemola) and 5Bob the street Hustler (Wright Ngubeni).

After a successful heist, Talent distributed some of the stolen money to the gang and a share to his late colleague, Justice’s family as his “pension”. He stashed the rest away in a secret place. He then instructed the gang to lie low.

This time around viewers can expect to see the gang failing to keep their new life of luxury under the radar. 5Bob makes sure people know he is a rich man, as he hosts parties and starts indulging in drugs. Cosatu associates himself with politicians and starts bribing them for tenders. Afraid that the gang members wayward behaviour will attract unwanted attention from the cops, Talent calls them to order and refuses to give them the rest of their share until they lie low.

The money woes continue, as the gang members all try to figure out where Talent has kept the rest of the money. Gang members turn against each other. In the midst of all the drama, one of the gang members is killed and no one knows who is responsible for the murder.

The police are on their trail. Who will get to the money first? Will it be the police or one of the gang members?

“Heist is an awesome show with great production value. We are excited to bring our viewers another compelling season of the show,” says Marlon Davids, Managing Director of e.tv Channels Division

Find out who will be the last man standing on this returning season at 9:30PM on e.tv.

 Viewers will get the opportunity to watch in HD quality on eHD on OpenView HD