Slikour to address 'issues about issues' on 702

Slikour on 702 nowAfter hitting the dance-floor as a contestant on SABC3's "Strictly come dancing", TV presenting, has an amazing online presence/businesses, and more, Slikour of Skwatta Kamp fame is now getting behind the mike, on the airwaves.

Nah, this is not as a guest on a music show, but as a host on talk radio – Gauteng's 702 FM (audio bouquet 156 if in any other provinve) and Cape Town's Cape Talk Radio - nogal. The rapper will be this Friday's 'stand-in' on "Redi Tlhabi's show", from 9am – 12midday.

He is one of the specifically selected names to fill in for Redi, who is currently furthering her studies, and can only be on air from Monday to Thursday. This is the first time a person in the entertainment world is standing in on the show.

Speaking on the show's throw-forward promo, the star says that he is looking forward to talking about issues that affect Mzansi now. "I wanna talk about issues about issues. Are issues real issues?" he asks, not issues that were some "20, 30 or 100 years ago" he relays.

An outspoken name, the star is known for his frank outlook on life, including doing the contentious track "Blacks are fools" (click on title for more on the track), "I am a dreamer", ft. RJ Benjamin, and more.

Listen in, engage him on air, and do tell us what you think of him as an on-air personality. By Mandla Motau