K.O launches clothing line

KO 17 clothing lineAfter the success of the Cashtime Life Merchandise that can be seen everywhere, Mr Cashtime, K.O, has decided to start his own full on clothing label, and not just an artist merchandise line.

This is a full on street wear clothing label called DustnKOmpany. It is called dust “because we are from the dusty streets of Townships, South Africa and KOmpany because well… KO”.

This follows the 2014 release of the Cashtime merchandise line that comprised mainly of t-shirts and sporties (bucket hats). The range was quickly sold out and the production output was far outweighed by the consumer/fan demand. Soon enough the pirates and bootleggers showed up and the merchandise became the most pirated brand on the continent. Fake Cashtime Life clothing was everywhere from Angola to Zambia.  

According to a release from Cashtime, “K.O is seen by many as a trendsetter and the streets often refer to him as ‘Mr. swagger of the season’ or ‘Iskhothane se rap’ so it is only fitting that he starts a clothing label.” 

“The clothing line is inspired by my patriotic obsession with SA culture and of cause the aesthetics of my music,” says the rapper of “Caracara” fame. “I figured it was only logical for me to create my own range seeing that I've managed to create fashion trends in the urban space with an ensemble of various other brands. It’s just time for us to do for self and to use that influence to empower us.” 

DustnKOmpany’s first offering is the ‘caricature long sleeve tees’ and are available at www.dustnkompany.com / Fashion Kraal (30 Loveday Street, JHB) and www.fashionkraal.co.za or by direct order via WhatsApp on 063739344