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August Alsina - This thing called life

This Thing Called Life"I don't really know..." '...I don't know', 'I wonder were...', "I gotta do better ...", "I gotta do more...", "no fuck that...," these and the in betweeners are sometimes how thoughts run through our minds, and is the intro to August Alsina's realistic outlook on life latest album, ''This thing called life?"

There is something about August Asina's honest outlook on life skits that comes up at most of his track ending on his latest album. Brutally honest, these are brilliant as they resemble the kinda one on one conversations that we have with ourselves, and just what one needs to realise they are not the only one having these.

August Alsina goes down South with the help of Anthony Hamilton and Jadakiss assist on the gotta be done "Job". 'God know I work hard, but I still got to sail my job...' goes the chorus on the inspired track. Breezy is on the assist on the driven "Why I do it". As they both claim, they ain't gonna tell "why I do it", the track lets on to much on the whole plan and will hopefully move you to action. The perky "Hollywood" praises a young ni***ga doing good' cause "I 'm on way to the top" goes the inspired cut.

The motivational, inspirational, and revved up "American dream" is about living one's dream. A Jay Z's "Hard knock life" reminder, his "American Dream" has the kids joining him to spread the word in saying "they told me that I wouldn't be anything", of course pushing the boundaries and looking at the bigger goal and what he needs to achieve.

"Look at how far I have come" then colourfully relates his progress so far. "Had a lot of sleepless nights, but still I had to thrive," moves the cut, "when they tell me it would never work". "...I gotta keep pressing on, to make it somehow" goes the self-pushing track.

He ups the tempo somewhat on the clap-to-this "Been around the world" featuring Chris Brown. The track has nicely rocks with elements of Notorious BIG's classic "Been around the world".

The call-response "Hip hop" has that 'bounce-to-this' feel to it, as it hits hard and the August dropping relentless lines. Now lemme hear you say, "hip-hop, hey; hip-hop, hey; hip-hop, hey..."

Nicely layered, the singer/rapper brings in some "Change" that he believes "you could be...". "I see no change, so I guess I gotta be that change", goes one line on the motivational track.

Love the fast spoken chorus lead up on "Dreamer". It's quit telling and with the nicely paced track will most get you into action.

He is on an appreciative mode on the gently "First time" that will see you bump your head. "Would you know" what hit you, as he asks for her heart on the track that tonally excites.

Hitting some fascinating falsettos "Song cry" screams out loud for guys to be honest with their feelings than stay "inebriated" or thinking about "suicide". "Sometimes I get emotional, then I can't seem to find the way I am supposed to go..." kicks off the track, where he also say "let me cry, they say a man ain't supposed to cry", "so I am gonna let the song cry, so, I am gonna let my song cry through this words..." goes the heartfelt track for a "gone to soon" lover.

More tears are shed as he hopes to see the lost one on the "Other side". Of course he hopes that he is "forgiven for his sins" just to be able to "kick it like we used to before" with her.

Hard hitting, "The encore" is exactly what you need to smooth things out after going through this exciting and motivational project. I agree with him when he says "I never had this good". 'See I started out with nothing", '...I have been clean, and I have been high", he throws it all out. Review by Mandla Motau