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Regina Belle - The day life began

regina belle day life beganRarely do selling points on album covers fairly and honestly capture what the album is about – talk about oversell.

"On this album, Regina brings together all the elements that have made her a beloved icon – heartfelt, soulful singing, inspirational lyrics, and her magnificent voice – making this her finest album to date," reads Regina Belle's "The day life began" album sleeve.

For just the name only, I was gonna listen to the project, but then the music hit. Yeah, I was sold on the first listen, as she sets the tone with the title track on this perfect gospel album that proves that she will always be a force to be reckoned with.

After all these years, the distinguished singer still hits the high notes. "He's alright" takes it back to the church and mesmerizes with its zest. As she says when the driven song begins, 'clap your hands', and yes "...sing with me".

Taking it back, ...yeah taking it back with some crazy dance beats that are matched by her voice on the cheerful "You know how to love me". This is one of those tracks that will see even the phlegmatic move to the beat, and falling over themselves thanks to her delivery.
"Imperfect love" is the perfect emotional R&B track. Gentle in delivery, it oozes beauty and can only be about love.

The captivating "You" has that pacifying effect, and the piano just so immaculately played, it just has to re-create inner peace. Then there is her vocal genius that just has to have that fulfilling nature.

"Live for you" permeates the soul and will have its way with your musical senses. The thumping bassline is to die for and creates such a stupefying effect.

Talk about good music that strikes the point home, and you are talking about "You saw the good in me" as well, and then it's funk all the way as she helps "Open your eyes". Also check out the epic beauty, "A night of love", that builds up beautiful and reaches a high that has no limits, and she is on a motivational tip on the empowering "Be careful out there".

Talk about great music and on point messages. Review by Mandla Motau