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Oliver Mtukudzi - God bless you

Oliver Mtkudzi God BlessIf you have been following Zimbabwean legend, Oliver Mtukudzi's music, you will know that gospel music has been very much part of his legacy.

It comes as no surprise now that he has dropped a full on gospel album. The release is made up of gospel tracks taken from his albums all over the years, and it is power all the way.

The collection opens up with the popular traditional hymn "Apo Jesu Anouya" (better known as "Hallelujah umusa ka Jesu" in Mzansi) delivered in Shona. Having that Oliver unique hand, the inspired hymn is taken from his album, "Pfugama unamate".

Also taken from that album are the album's real Africanised title track (what we know as "Inzima lendlela/Vuka uthandaze"), the influential "Chinyarara", and "Baba ndinodisa. The 12-tracker is also blessed with perky sing-along "Hear me lord" from "Ziwere mukobenhavn".

"Rumbidzai Jehova" is represented by the lively "Hakuna zita" and powered up "Jehova una masimba". "Tiregerereiwo" makes a spirited entry on the release from the album, "Nhava".

Another highly represented album is "Ndotomuimbira" that is in with four entries. These include "Tokunda Satani", "Rudo rwaJesu", "Nditungamire" and "Mamutora".

This is a nice departure from the usual gospel music delivery, and introduces exalted sounds in a welcome different way.