Rihana - Anti

Rihanna AntiOnly a few artists have managed to take dancehall music to mainstream chart success, and Rihanna is definitely the Queen of that sphere.

She has done that again with her current Drake assist super hit "Work", taken from her latest ground breaking and eclectic album, "Anti". Showing lots of muscle, the perky sing-along (...nana na nan/ ...la lala lala) has powered its way to top of music charts here at home and all over the world, leaving lots of sweat drenched bodies on dance floors, and proving her staying power all over again.

The album opens with another exciting raggafied (I just created a word) track (featuring SZA) "Consideration" that sets the forceful nature of the set that sees her puff it on your face with "James Joint" soon after. She "Kiss it better" with the groovy track that starts off with a guitar riff that inspires, and keeps the excitement going.

Rihanna recklessly (a deliberate act) and beautifully delivers "Desperado" that will keep the mood going. This track just has a way to blend lots of scenarios, as it graphically creates such images that can only be associated with moving music.

"Woo", it's definitely on, as she penetrates you musical senses with the systemically build-up of a creation. And in case you were still wondering, you will notice that the non-starter "Needed me" hits hard and lays down the law.

"Yeah, I said it" leaves you not knowing what hit you. Gently paced, it has its way with your musical ear, and takes you along its satisfaction inspired journey. The Piano led and accompanied "Close to you" is such a welcome and emotive rendition that has a calming effect, and can only bring you close to the singer.

"Same oláE Mistake" moves with its crazy bassline that accompanies immensely satisfying creation. Immaculate in approach and meant to control your music senses, it leaves such imprints in your mind, body and soul. It is such a work of art.

The acoustic "Never ending" is a welcome breath of fresh air, and one of those stupendous tracks you will wish to play again, and again, & she also places such implants with the unforgettable "Love on the brain" that is destined for evergreen territory. The latter vocally varied track leaves one on such a high that leaves such welcome silence that can be replenished by hearing it again. Memories indeed...!

Just when you think she is done, she offloads a number of bonus tracks including the trendsetting "Pose", "Goodnight Gotham", and the crazy ideas planting "Sex with me" – wonder where it will take you. What a way to leave you, but then you can go through the experience and be taken through the varied experiences offered by .... Review by Mandla Motau