Stace Barthe - BEcoming

Stacy Barthe BEcoming fStacey Barthe, known for her work on Rihanna's "Cheers (drink to that)", is deservedly "BEcoming" one of the most exciting voices in the music industry thanks to her previous works with Britney Spears, Sean "Diddy Combs, Akon, and more, and now, with her praiseworthy debut album that is one amazing work of art, and rightfully so.

A haunting voice that is intoxicating, enwrapping and whimsical that will enthuse your musical ear and being with its poetic approach, Stacey has definitely laid a noteworthy mark with her release. Hers is one of those albums that manages to entwine one's senses after the first listen and entrenches her voice in the industry, it lives with you henceforth.

John Legend, who is one of the executive producers on the project, assists on "Angel" (of the classic Anita Baker track) that has a breath of fresh air breathed into it and hits with a huge punch of emotion. Sounding so sublime, the track that contains the drum beat from Biz Markie's "Make the music with your mouth" is emollient, remarkable and massively moving.

Common encourages her to "Live for today" on the flourishing and clappy track that contains elements of "Mas que nada", as South Africans know it from the Black Eyed Peas rendition of the classic track. Genre bending is the name of the track as is on the album, that will leave you in awe.
The zappy album opener "In my head" gives off a lot of ideas that have to do with one's attempts to make sense of what's happening out there. 'The stories I make up in my head make a little sense than what's going on out there...' goes the fiery track that will resonate with many trying to make sense of the madness of the rat race.

"Sleep to dream" is effective and has that honest delivery about it that strikes the point home. "Eyes wide shut" continues on her honest outlook at the world, a depiction that is reality based and captured well with her captivating voice. Nobody has defined us as "Flawed beautiful creatures" that we are in such a catchy and beautiful way like she does on the epic track, and then interestingly asks that 'you better stop lying to yourself' on the fixative that orders you to look in the mirror & say 'Hey you there' ' it me you looking for' that ends of on a roots reggae tip that is short lived, but just as effective.

Catchy in its approach, "Here I am" is a groovy and perky track that has amusement written all over it. 'Watch while I dream my pain away...,' she says on the mood catcher that draws patterns of musical emancipation and revel with guitars that are the make of mzansi in depiction.

She faces herself on the acoustic marvel "Me versus Me" that sees her accompanied by the beautiful strung piano. 'You can run fast as you can, but U can't run from yourself...' she relays on the reality check track. "Find it (transition)" on the jazzy song that has her looking for '...a new way to live' and ordering 'misery yoh, misery yoo-hoo, stop chasing me down'.

Also check out the warm-hearted "Walk on water", the eclectic "War IV love" that will leave you conflicted and not know how to place her musically speaking, the funky stupefying "You wonder why" that will live you wondering how music can be so remarkable, the funky and lovely "In the meantime" and closing of the set with the eclectic and musically fired up "Enough is enough" that will have its own way with your inner soul.

Stacey Barthe is a revelation indeed. Review by Mandla Motau