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Trolls 16Where does happiness come from? What takes one to be happy?

For the miserable Bergens, they believe they have to eat the forever joyful Trolls to be happy. Such has been their tradition every once a year.

On one particular time, the trolls manage an escape and leave the dreaded community is a state of despair for decades. How else are they gonna be happy if they can’t eat trolls?

The one nasty official blamed for the escape is banished from the castle into a life of misery by herself. Of course the trolls continue of their life of happiness, and everyday pure joy.

However, it is too much happiness that exposes the trolls responsible for their forever doomed life. The Kings daughter (voiced by Zoeey Deschanel), ignores warnings by the overly cautious Branch (Justin Timberlake), throws a party that exposes their new home, and before they know it, they are captured.

How is this gonna play out, as the …, finally believe their tradition that gives them a chance at happiness is again at hand?  

“Trolls” is a feel good movie that will get the whole family going. It is full of spirit, has heart, and will teach those who are unhappy unless someone is unhappy a thing or two about joy. 

Also, be ready to be mesmerised by the trolls as they jam to some of the biggest songs on radio in the last few years. As you immerse yourself in their happiness, ready yourself to bounce a number of mainstream pop hits.  

Voiced by Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Timberlake, Christine Baranski, Gwen Stefani. Directed by Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn. “Trolls” opens at theatres on 21 October