Girl on the train

girl on the train movie movie picHow broken does one have to be to be constantly checking their ex on social media and continue calling them on their phone two years on?

On the face of it, Rachel (Emily Blunt - pictured) is an alcoholic who gets drunk into a stupor, and have no memory of what happened after hitting the bottle, looks like one such hopeless case. As we get introduced to her character on the thriller “Girl on the train” that is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins, she seems to be finding it difficult to move on with her life. In fact, making her moving forward journey even more difficult is that her train commute to her job passes her former house and he has to witness her former (Justin Theroux), who seem to understand and defend her stalking habits on them, with her current wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) and baby daily.

As days and months pass, she takes interest in a couple – Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Halley Bennett) - that lives next to her ex. Watching them daily creates that “happy and perfect couple” notion in her, and sees what her marriage should have been in them.

But, like we all know, what we see isn’t always the case as far as so called ‘ideal relationships’ are concerned. One day her perfect couple dream gets shattered when she sees Megan kiss a stranger on her terrace. How could she do that to her man, and her (Rachel) emotional involvement?

Shattered and infuriated, she wakes up at her house with a crazy hangover, bruised with blood all around her. What happened, and why is she in this state?

Knowing that something is really wrong, she is shattered when she sees that Megan has disappeared. Do all her bruises have anything to do with this? Alas, Megan is later found dead, triggering the need to consider what real happened.

As the book is written, one gets introduced to the other characters in the movie. One gets to realise what was not going ok in Scott and Megan’s relationship. We also get introduced to this man she saw with Megan on the balcony, and he turns out to be her therapist Dr. Kamal Abdic (as Édgar Ramírez), whom she suspects could be somehow involved in her murder.

Also, Anna gets introduced into the picture, as Rachel starts suspecting she might have something to do with Megan’s death. But, who will believe her story about this, as she has done things that make her look like the suspect, including a suspected kidnapping of her baby, and of course her known drinking problem.

As she gets flashbacks, Rachel starts suspecting the whole world about Megan’s death. But, as she can’t even rely on her unreliable memory, what is true and what is fiction?

A reminder of Gone girl, this suspenseful drama that is also narrated by the three main women in it will get many to really think hard about what they consider to be fact, and force many to really evaluate what they value, and invest their emotions in. It will get you glued to the screen as you try to figure who is who in the zoo, what is fact, and what is fiction.

As events take their course, she might just figure out who she really is, what she is capable off, and have her world turned upside down as everything comes together. By Mandla Motau