DVD: Barbershop The Next Cut

Barbershp 16More drama, hard facts, chit chatting, humour, swag and hair hitting the floor is ones again the order of the day on “Barbershop The next cut”.

Now on DVD, The latest on the fresh look Barbershop franchise (…10 years on) sees the salon on the verge of being sold by Calvin (Ice Cube), who is considering the move because of the downgraded and getting dangerous by the day area of operation. Under threat is the culture of the barber, its community relation to the hair cutters/fixers, and lots more.

It is all drama, drama, and more drama as Calvin hasn’t informed his business partner Angie (Regina Bell) about this decision. You know how things usually take a nasty turn when your business partner finds out by mistake what your plan is for an establishment that they co-own. Of course she is furious and throws fire his way.

Sadly, the co-owned space is not the only change in the neighbourhood. Just like a numbers of places in South Africa, we talking here about gangsters running amok, guns flashed at the slightest provocation, and bullets flying all over, and death sometimes occurring at a flick of a finger. Add to that, his son is rolling with the wrong company, and toying with the idea of joining a gang.

To lighten up the moment, Eddie (Cedric The Entertainer), is still there, Rashad (played by rapper Common) makes a turn, JD (Anthony Anderson) supplies the food, as all the drama, honesty, and humour that was part of the series is reloaded. The ladies add a cool touch to the movie, the drama, gossip and some crazy sexiness to the shop. This includes Nicki Minaj, Terri (Eve), Jennifer (Jazsmin Lewis) and more.

There is also the case of having both sexes in the same room. You know what I mean – stuff is gonna happen (…aha:).

Off course, this one deals with various things at the same time, just like real life does, and is a reminder that black folk have to deal with this crazy thing called life and still soldier on. Politics (who could escape that) come up, issues of fired up relationships sneak in, keeping a family intact turns up for most, dealing with a neighbourhood that is going down (hellow South Africa), friction, attraction, entrepreneurial spirit, bravado, secrets and more on top of the funny moments thrown around.

Of course the flick will challenge, make you think about a lot, inspire you to get involved in your community that is going down and more, while maintain that feel good spirit.

Adding to this DVD must have elements including that music that features acts such as Ice Cube & Common, Jill Scott, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kem, Lalah Hathaway, Leela James, Aloe Blacc, and more, are the special features that come with it. First up is the The Next cut: Barbershop Bootcamp where the cast gathered to learn how to do the “hard work but someone is gotta do it” things with clippers and scissors from hairstylists, barber and experts in the industry. 

Of course as it is usually the case, so much staff gets left on the editor’s room. Director/executive producer Malcolm D. Lee takes you on material that didn’t make the cut on over 12minutes long ‘Deleted Scenes with Malcom D. Lee’ feature. These include one of the “funniest things I have ever shot in my life, but it couldn’t make the movie” about the GBF (find out what that is in the movie) Jerod’s crush. Well, it did make the DVD though and you have access to it now.

And then there are the goofs and some gags that didn’t make the cut on the Gag reel. Check it out to add dome crazy moments to the whole experience. Review By Mandla