DVD: Mother's day

Mother Day DVDSo Mother’s Day is as easy as celebrating your mom right?

Well, not always as is the case on “Mother’s Day” now on DVD. Sometimes a lot of things creep in and complicate the whole matter. Such is the scenario facing Miranda (Jennifer Aniston), and her friend Jesse (Kate Hudson).

And then there is the TV sensation Miranda (Julia Roberts), and Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), who is raising his two daughters after losing his wife.

As the flick go, Sandy is divorced from her husband and raising her two boys. Her life takes an interesting twist when he former hubby decides to tie the knot again, with a younger woman. How will she deal with this development when she clearly still hold him dear.

Jesse on the other hand and with her sister do not have a relationship to speak off with her parents. Their lives are based of mistruths because of who their racist and homophobic folk are. She is married to an Indian Doctor and is hiding that fact from her judgemental mother, and her sister on the other hand is married to a woman. 

Talk about wanting to give one’s parents a heart attack.

Miranda on the other hand has kept a secret for years that her adoring fans don’t know about. She had a kid when she was young and had to give up for adoption.

Her life takes an interesting turn when her daughter turns up at a book signing. Who is she, and what does she want from her. Moreover, why now and more importantly why she give her up all these years ago?

Bradley has to deal with the challenging job of dealing with a teenage daughter, who has just started dating, and a younger daughter who is figuring out who she is. Of course, he is dealing with the loss of his wife and thus hindering the Mother’s Day celebration for the girls, who are willing to move on with life.

The different scenarios and, loads more intricate interactions and life happenings make for an interesting look at life challenges around the “Mother’s Day theme. The fact that the flick puts out life dealings from the young, raising them, parents, grands, and many such creates a holistic approach to our challenges.  DVD review by Mandla Motau