21 & over

21 and overFrom the writers of "The Hangover" (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore) comes the coming of age movie, "21 & over".

This indeed is a youthful hangover that has to do with growing up, stupid mistakes we make, facing off with our parents, influential friends, booze (...lots of booze) and of course girls. Although this kind of plot is something we have seen over and over again, this flick has a more realistic outlook on life and is a lot more of realistic, although parents might find most of its contents by those 'misrepresenting their trustworthy angels' unbelievable.

The fast-talking and convincing Miller (Miles Teller) rocks up at his friend and soon to be stockbroker Casey's (Skyler Astin) college. His plan is for them to take out their other friend Jeff (Justin Chon) on a 21st birthday not to be forgotten.

Problem is Jeff has an interview for a position at medical school. He tries to no avail to keep away from going out and stay true to his family tradition of medical professionals, but that is no choice when Miller is involved.

What was planned to be a casual evening of a single beer turns out to be a night of crazy encounters, fights and getting arrested and escaping from all sorts of situations. This is partly because Miller and Casey cannot remember where the super crazy Jeff lives, and it is in search of his address where things really get out hand.

As the night progresses, cracks start showing and their friendship (or lack thereof) gets tested. Revelations of others having quit school, others having different ideas about their lives and guns propping up, with secrets about arrest for murder are just the story of the night. At the same time the movie doesn't lose its craziness.

Although, this movie made a measly $25 million + in the US, many gullible youngsters need to see this flick so they can stand their ground when things start taking a wrong turn and not made to feel guilty about good choices they have made. Also, it's an interesting way for the youth to finally take up the courage and demand space from their parents.

Still, "21" is stupid, hectic and really funny all the way. You will love it.

Cast: Miles Teller, Skyler Astin and Justin Chon. Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore