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The accountant

Ben Affleck AccountantHow dangerous can a number crunching professional be?

One might say very (especially if the subject matter is money) or not depending on what the issue at hand is? So, maybe the correct question should be how deadly can an accountant be?

In the case of Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) the answer is an emphatic VERY. This is especially an unwelcome and unexpected discovery those who cross his path invoke, and by then it’s a bit late to treat him with courtesy.

Christian, who grew up with a severe form of autism, is a brilliant accountant, whose clientele is more on the darker side. We are talking here of drug lords, gangsters, those who try to clean their monies from questionable businesses, and the most dangerous criminal organisations.

His life goes into overdrive when he takes on one particular case that looks like a legitimate client, and in his unusual way discovers discrepancies amounting to some $60 million. Without much notice, he seems to have triggered a chain of deaths that those responsible for will stop at nothing to keep what he has discovered disclosed.

Before he knows it, his services are terminated, and he gets blamed for causing the co-owner of the company to take his life because of what has discovered. Unbeknown to those who hired him is that his condition pushes him over the edge if he doesn’t complete what he stared. He has to complete his mission, and he pushes for this bodies start falling from all sides.

Furthermore, his dealings have long attracted the interest of the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement Division that is run by Ray King (J.K Simmons). Ray gets Dana Cunnings (Anna Kendrick), who has a chequered past, to follow the case, if she wants to remain with the agency and avoid jail time.

As the body count go up, the mouse will become the cat, and nothing will stop this chain reaction from screeching to a halt, unless what has to be done is done. The flick is nicely paced, captivating, remarkably cast, and once the action kicks off, there will be nothing that will take away your interest on it.

Cast: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and Jon Bernthal. Directed by .... The Accountant opens at theatres on 28th October.  Preview by Mandla Motau